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Class Entry # Title Award/
Postal History 1 The Small Boats Large Silver/71
    Correspondence to and from Naval personnel during World War II.
Postal History 2 Canada's Changeling Postmarks: A Failed Experiment Gold/89
    This exhibit examines the unsuccessful experiment of Boston Handstamp Company postmarks, often referred to as "changeling postmarks" (1857-1863).
Experimental 3 The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children's Christmas Appeals to 1926: The Sweetest of All Charities Gold/89
    This social philately exhibit illustrates the material used by Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children in its annual Christmas fundraising appeals, including booklets, letters, illustrated covers and donation acknowledgement cards, up to 1926 when the Hospital discontinued the use of special order post cards. The appeal messaging and images changed over time, reflecting the transformation and growth of the Hospital in a changing society.
Traditional Philately 4 Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon - "The Fox" of 1952. The first two stamps issued for Air Mail rates. Large Gold/92
    Etude exceptionnelle comprenant toutes les pièces réalisées par le dessinateur et le graveur.
Postal History 5 Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, les cachets ''P P'' de 1926 Large Gold/91
    Etude très complète sur les cachets PP de 1926 utilisés quelques mois seulement. Plusieurs pièces sont uniques.
Postal History 6 A Friendly Invasion: United States Forces at Churchill Large Vermeil/83
    This exhibit shows an important part of US and Canadian military history during WWII and into the Cold War. The focus is on Churchill with its interesting interplay between Canadian domestic and US military postal systems.
Postal Stationery 7 The Evolution of Canada's First Official Advertising Stationery Cards Large Vermeil/83
    This exhibits documents, attempts to explain and explores the consequences of, changes in Canada's 1¢ Victoria, Red/Carmine, Maple Leaf Issue, postal cards from their initial pre-release design through the two released types/settings (Webb P19 and P18; Unitrade UX18a and UX18). Released in early 1898, these cards were designed such that business/organizational users could print private ads/notices on the front or address side, subject to following certain rules. Distinctive of these cards is not only the colour of the stamp indicia but also the added text line: "THE SPACE BELOW IS RESERVED FOR ADDRESS ONLY." The cards represent the first time anything other than an address had been allowed on the card front since the introduction of official stationery postal cards in 1871. I suggest that unanticipated design changes, along with an inability of the American Bank Note Co. to precisely print the cards, rendered the stated post office use regulations unenforceable such that many, if not most, violations were allowed to pass through the mails unchallenged.
Postal History 8 Hung Hs'en 1916: The Last Chinese Empire Large Gold/91
    The postal history or Yuan Shih-kai's Hung Hs'en Empire
Thematic 9 The 1910 Visit of Halley's Comet Silver/67
    The story of the arrival of Halley's Comet in 1910 when the end of the world was being predicted.
Postal History 10 Les Bureaux spéciaux et Maisons Impériales du Second Empire Gold/88
    These post offices, which were temporary, only served the Emperor Napoleon III, his wife Eugénie, and their Court. During this period which goes from 1852 (The Coup d'État of Napoleon III) to the Fall of the Empire (1870), the Imperial couple, accompanied by their staff, used to stay for short periods in one or other of their multiple residences. On each occasion, the French Postal Administration set up a post office for their own service. Special postmarks were therefore created for: Palais de Fontainebleau, Palais de St-Cloud, Palais de Biarritz, and some other prestigious France's places.
Postal History 11 Lake Champlain postal route to/from Canada before 1799 Large Gold/91
    The Lake Champlain postal road was the main postal road to and from Canada at the beginning of postal service in Canada. This one frame exhibit present letters using this road during: french regime, british military regime, the franklin colonial postal administration, the 1775-83 revolution war, the british and US postal services during the transition period 1783-1792, and after the 1792 postal convention between british and US. This collection present many rare and unique covers and postmarks of this fascinating period.
Postal History 12 International Stamp Cancelling Machines at Brandon, Manitoba 1907-1919 Large Gold/90
    This exhibit shows the introduction and development of the first stamp cancelling machines used at the Brandon Manitoba Post Office. The International machines were deployed during a period of exceptional population growth at Brandon, which provides a historical backdrop for an informative exhibit on the topic.
Traditional Philately 13 The First Coil Stamp of the World Large Gold/94
    The One Dinero Rose of 1862 from Peru
Traditional Philately 14 Allegory of Progress Gold/87
    A study of Canada's 20¢ special delivery stamp of 1935. Covers the production of the stamp as well as its postal history, focussing on the special delivery service in the 1930's.
Postal History 15 The Canadian 6 Cent UPU Letter Rate Large Vermeil/80
    This exhibit documents the history of Canada's 6 cent UPU letter rate, focusing on ways such letters were franked and ways insufficiently franked letters were handled.
Traditional Philately 16 Les Bordures Philatéliques Silver/67
    Les bordures philatéliques apportent connaissances et valeurs. Les bordures ajoutent une référence souvent indispensable dans le temps, et c'est ce que cette collection tente d'illustrer. Les timbres pris séparément ne constitue pas toujours une rareté mais les bordures sont en quelques sorte uniques et parfois même introuvables.
Traditional Philately 17 Israel - 1949 Flag Issue Large Vermeil/83
    The exhibit shows the the development of this issue from design stage through to proofing and the issue of the final stamp. This is followed by usage, errors and varieties.
Youth Class 18 Ecuadorian Slogan-Based Covers Related to the Ecuador-Peru Border Conflict of 1941 Gold/88
    This one-frame postal history study presents the slogan-based campaign carried on by Ecuador before, during and after its 1941 border armed conflict with Peru. The evidence provided by covers is correlated with the development of the boundary dispute.
Postal History 19 Mail salvaged from the Sinking of the Kingstonian - April 1918 Gold/88
    A disrupted mail exhibit of auxiliary markings (cachets), labels and ambulance envelopes related to mail salvaged from the Kingstonian, which was torpedoed in the Mediterranean in April 1918.
Postal History 20 The Closed Rural Post Offices Serving Wawanosh Township in Huron County Large Vermeil/83
    This exhibit will trace the locations, postmarks, and some of the types of mail processed at these Post Offices from inception until closure. Post Offices are listed alphabetically - all but Zetland, were closed between 1913 and 1918 with the introduction of rural route motorized mail delivery direct to the addressee. This Exhibit will present a brief history of each office, showing opening and closing dates, Postmarks, Postmasters, locations, and some post office clerks.
Traditional Philately 21 Early Union of South Africa Roll Stamp Production Large Gold/91
    This exhibit details the production method of the first roll stamps by De la Rue, initially for Colonial stamps, which are rare, and later for King George V definitives, supported by graphic illustrations and usage.
Thematic 22 Portugal DC Comics Issues of 2020 Silver/69
    Portugal issued a series of stamps depicting DC Comics characters throughout 2020. This exhibit shows the stamps, official first day covers, and postally-used covers with markings that show the covers' travels from sender to recipient.
Traditional Philately 23 Mountain Sheep Large Silver/74
    An ongoing study of the fifteen cent denomination from the Canadian 1972 - 1977 definitive issue better known as the Caricature & Landscape issue
Traditional Philately 24 A Study of the ½d Warthog of The Union of South Africa Large Vermeil/84
    The third definitive series depicted the animals found in the National Parks of South Africa. The series comprises 14 values and is a complete change from the pictorials of the previous definitive series. The first value of the third definitive series of the Union of South Africa, issued on 14th October 1954 is monochrome, of a small format, and perforated 15 x 14 by eleven row comb. The paper used varied from time to time in texture, and in colour from cream to white, and to begin with the watermark was the Multiple Springbok Head as in the previous series. Printings to appear after September 1959 were watermarked with the Union Coat of Arms. No Roll stamps were issued of the ½d Warthog stamp. The exhibit is a study of the various printings of the ½d stamp showing the printing marks, different paper used and the multitude of varieties that is present.
Astrophilately 25 Rockets Launched from Airplanes Silver/66
    All rockets are launched from ground?. No, there are rockets launched from airplanes. Pegasus rocket is the best example at the moment. It is expected than in the near other private companies (as Virgin ORbit with LauncherOne rocket) joint to this exclusive satellite launch system.
Revenues 26 Queen Victoria's Federal Law Stamps of Canada Large Gold/90
    The exhibit explores the development and use of the Queen Victoria Canadian law stamps, often referred to as Supreme Court law stamps.
Traditional Philately 27 Great Britain Underprints 1982-87 Large Vermeil/83
    The exhibit shows the various underprints used by Royal Mail to mark stamps sold at a discount price between 1982-7
Picture Postcards 28 A Soldiers Postcards - Mailed from the Somme & Flanders WWI Vermeil/75
    This exhibit is a Canadian Soldiers need, through postcards, to connect to his family, to acknowledge a parcel, birthdays or to appraise the family he was well. The soldier was at war for four years and this exhibit covers early deployment from Valcartier 1914 to March 1916 with 1 Division C.E.F. The choice of cards conveyed in gentle nature others are comic or satirical as to inject a little humor - in a positive manner, while thinking of them wile engaged in war.
Postal History 29 Hong Kong 1945/6 - Postwar Restoration of Postal Services Large Gold/91
    This exhibit documents the early days of Hong Kong mails after liberation from Japanese occupation and shows the quick return of commercial activity, supported by the postal service
Postal History 30 Railway Post Office Markings Used on the Grand Trunk Railway between Montreal and Toronto 1854 - 1923 Large Silver/73
    Use of Postmarks by the Railway Post Office on the Grand Trunk Railway between Montreal and Toronto as the railway was progressing westward
Revenues 31 Use of the Third Bill Stamp in Nova Scotia Large Vermeil/84
    This exhibit demonstrates the use of the Third Bill stamp during the period of the N. S. overprint (April 1868 - July 1871), and beyond, until repeal of the Bill Stamp Act in March 1882. Different types of documents used throughout Nova Scotia are presently chronologically.
Postal History 32 Greenland Mail During World War II Gold/89
    Wartime innovations providing new delivery methods and routes within the island and carrying mail to Denmark and foreign countries.
Postal History 33 U.S. Army Post Offices in Greenland 1941-1945 Gold/85
    APO mail from isolated outposts in Greenland during World War II.
Thematic 34 Epic of Vimy Large Vermeil/80
    A Canadian Soldiers preparation, with 6,000 other veteran's and families on five ships travelling to France for the dedication of Vimy Monument in July 1936. The exhibit details the preparation, the voyage, chronological order of the Pilgrimage through cover design, French stamps issued to commemorate the unveiling. The exhibit presents collateral material owned or presented to the Soldier during the Pilgrimage.
Traditional Philately 35 Basutoland/King George V - 1935 Silver Jubilee Vermeil/78
    This exhibit has the stamps, perforated SPECIMEN stamps, errors both listed and unlisted, and use on cover with Local, Empire, and UPU rates for the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V.
Thematic 36 The Inca Empire "The Son of the Sun" Large Vermeil/81
    This collection details the evolution of the Inca Empire, until its destruction by the Spanish conquerors and highlights its sculptural architectural constructions.
Postal History 37 Internal Mails and Postage Rates of Pre Confederation Prince Edward Island Gold/85
    This exhibit looks at the internal mails and associated postage rates of pre confederation Prince Edward Island beginning with very early, pre post office mail and moving through the stampless period, on to the pence period and finally the decimal period.
Display / Cinderella 38 France 1934: Anti-Tuberculosis "Stamp" Campaign Gold/85
    Albert Colmette (1863-1933) developed the vaccine against tuberculosis. The comite National de defense contre la Tuberculosis launched its 1934 "Stamp" Campaign in homage to Calmette, who died in 1933 at an age of 70 years.
Postal Stationary 39 Royal Visit of George VI and Queen Elizabeth to France Vermeil/78
    The 4-day Royal Visit in July 1938 served to strengthen the Anglo-French alliance in advance of the Second World War. Stamps, Postal Cards, and private picture post cards commemorated the visit and the dedication of the Australian War Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux.
Postal History 40 The Split Ring Station Postmarks of Prince Edward Island Gold/88
    The Prince Edward Island railway opened for passenger traffic on May 12, 1875 between Cascumpeque (Alberton) and Georgetown, together with the western extension to Tignish and the eastern extension to Souris. There were 68 stations in existence at the inauguration of the service. This exhibit shows examples on cover or postcard from sixteen of the station post offices.
Picture Postcards 41 The Hoboken 1900 Docks Fire Large Vermeil/80
    Saturday, 30 June 1900 was the day the North German Lloyd docks in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA caught on fire and took with them three ocean liners and an estimated 400 lives. This exhibit tells the story of this ill fated event in maritime history though picture postcards.
Traditional Philately 42 Kyiv Oblast Original Design Utilitarian Postage Stamps and Usage, 1992-1995 Vermeil/78
    This exhibit shows the original designed Kyiv Oblast (province) utilitarian postage stamps and usage, integral to basic postal change after Ukraine emerged from the USSR.
Aerophilately 43 Graf Zeppelin DLZ-127 Mail from North Africa Gold/85
    This exhibit displays mail from eleven African States in the Northern part of the continent, carried on the Graf Zeppelin DLZ-127 airship. Mail is presented chronologically from 1931 to 1936 and with the exception of the 1931 Graf Zeppelin DLZ-127 1931 flight to and from Egypt, all other mail originated in Northern Africa and joined a zeppelin flight to South America via a connection point in Europe. The Graf Zeppelin service to South America, which began as a regular service in 1932, was the first airmail service between Europe and South America.
Aerophilately 44 Electric Telegraph Company/Electric & International Telegraph Company 1846 - 1870 Large Gold/91
    Exhibit details the development of the first private company telegraph company in the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland. The Electric Telegraph Company was established in 1846 and was the first company in the United Kingdom to issue franked paper followed by adhesive stamps, for the payment of telegraph tariffs. The company expanded into The International Electric Telegraph Company in 1855, in order to incorporate the continental telegraph lines to mainline Europe. This company, like all private telegraph companies in the United Kingdom, was purchased by the Post Office in 1870 as the telegraph service was nationalised following an Act of Parliament.
Postal History 45 New South Wales Receiving Offices 1888 - 1927 Gold/85
    A concise study of New South Wales Receiving Office cancellations, during the period 1888 to 1927, the majority of which are manuscript cancellations on the 1913 1d red Kangaroo stamp.
Revenues 46 Receipts for supply taxes of the Municipality of Buenos Aires (1896 - 1903) Large Vermeil/83
    The exhibit shows valued receipts, issued by the Municipality of Buenos Aires for the collection of taxes related to the entry of goods into the city, the slaughter of animals in slaughterhouses and the rental of stalls in municipal markets.
Postal History 47 JESUIT MAIL at the time of the CORREO MAYOR in the Viceroyalty of New Spain 1736-1767 Large Gold/92
    A collection of the earliest postal markings in Mexico during colonial times, and indeed earliest postl markings in the Americas. All belong to mail belonging to the Jesuit Order and include ALL KNOWN postal markings from the CORREO MAYOR concession before the Spanish Crown took it over in 1766.
Traditional Philately 48 400th Anniversary of the Founding of Leon and Granada (Nicaragua's 1924 issue showing Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba) Large Gold/90
    The treatment starts with a series of unadopted essays from both Perkin, Bacon & Co. and American Banknote Co. (ABNCo.) These show errors of wrong portrait and spelling errors in Cordoba's name. This is then followed by die proofs and plate proofs from ABNCo., along with their archive and UPU specimens. Finally, the mint stamps and postal usage of the 4 values.
Postal History 49 The Provisional Government of Ireland December 1921 to December 1922 Large Gold/92
    This exhibit shows the Social and Political History of Ireland during the first year of Independence from Great Britain using covers, stamps, postcards and labels
Postal History 50 The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1925 Large Gold/91
    This Exhibit shows the Labels and Stamps used to collect additional monies owed the Post Office and Customs in Ireland from 1914 when Postage Due labels were issued in Great Britain and Ireland until 1925 when Ireland issued their own Postage Due Labels
Postal History 51 The Creation of the Border Between Two Irelands 1913 to 1923 Gold/89
    This Exhibit Looks at the Social, Economic, and Political developments and consequences of the border between Northern and Southern Ireland during the 10 years from 1913 to 1923
Traditional Philately 52 The e Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps used in Ireland 1940 to 1970 Large Gold/92
    This exhibit shows the development and use of the e Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps from their Introduction in 1940 until replaced by the Gerl Definitive coils in 1970
Postal History 53 The Struggle for Irish Independence from Great Britain May 1916 to December 6 1921 Large Gold/92
    This exhibit shows the Social, Economic and Political Struggle for Irish Independence from May 1916, immediately after the fail 1916 Easter Rebellion to December 6 1921 when the Irish in Southern Ireland signed a Peace Treaty with Great Britain
Display / Cinderella 54 101 Dalmatians Large Silver/73
    The 101 Dalmatians are among the most beloved characters in Disney films and TV shows and books by Dodie Smith. This exhibit shows the history of the 101 Dalmatians through stamps and covers.
Traditional Philately 55 Empirical research for the Australian 4d KGV Large Vermeil/83
    A display of three cliche's 1_40 the Temple Flaw, 2R-19 the substituted Cliche' and 3R-53 flaw on Roos's head the time line for this transient flaw. Text and close views so the research and findings can be clearly understood.
Picture Postcards 56 TURTLES - An ancestral food resource Vermeil/77
    Humans have been interacting with turtles for thousands of years. Turtles have been used for food, medicines, and decoration for centuries. Turtling (hunting of turtles) has been a part of human culture since as far back as the middle of the first millennium B.C. The turtle soup and turtle meat has been a staple in many tropical cultures around the world. While consumption and hunting of turtles is less common than it was in the time of our ancestors, this practice is still a part of communities throughout the globe, whether done legally or illegally.
57 THE MINI - The little giant Large Vermeil/82
    It tells the story of the automobile that revolutionized an era due to its characteristics of maneuverability, mechanics and aesthetics and mainly due to its important sporting achievements.The Mini was a car constructed by the British Motor Corporation (B.M.C.) and its succesor companies which from the sixties turned out to be a true automobile revolution. Famous for its performances that led it to excel in countless sporting events mainly in the Montecarlo Rally, the most famous and important race of the world at that time achieving worldwide recognition
Experimental 58 The Philatelic Inventions of Henry Loewenberg Large Gold/93
    In the 1860's, the US Post Office became quite obsessed with the attempt to prevent the fraudulent re-use of stamps. Among the most prolific of philatelic inventors at the time, was Henry Loewenberg, a Prussian immigrant who lived in New York. This one frame exhibit covers the full range of Loewenberg's philatelic and revenue stamp inventions - from the early decal experiments of 1864 to the eventual adoption of his decal stamps by Prussia in the late 1860's. Because it mixes elements of traditional and revenue philately, I'm entering it in the 'experimental' section.
Postal History 59 Thomas Cook's Nile Service Gold/87
    This Exhibit is a study of the Nile Steamer aspects of Thomas Cook & Son's Egyptian tourist operations, through an analysis of Cook's Nile Service postal stationery and the Nile T.P.O. operation. The period covered runs from 1887 to 1928, at which time Cook & Son's business was sold to the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits.
Postal History 60 Registered Mail from the Australian Imperial Force (A.I.F.) 1916 - 1919 Large Gold/91
    A display of the few surviving Registered Envelopes mailed by A.I.F. personnel between 1916 and 1919 from A.I.F. Post Offices during World War 1 operations
Traditional Philately 61 Official Service Stamps Used in Cuba (1858 - 1868) Large Gold/92
    This Traditional exhibit will show the production and use of official service postage stamps from 1858 to 1868. These four stamps were released in Spain in 1855 and used three years later in Cuba to prepay all official correspondence. The exhibit includes pre-production stamps such as color essays and paper varieties. Also present are reprints made in Havana using a lithographic technique due to limited stamp availability. These stamps and their use are extremely rare and no national destination usage are known. Numerous exceptional covers are also shown in this exhibit such as the only known official letter transported by railroad, the only two known covers bearing a Havana's 4 ounces stamp, covers addressed to and from Spain, the only known cover bearing all four values, and some higher rate covers. A study of Havana's stamps design is also included.
Postal History 62 Cantons de l'Est - Les premiers bureaux et marques postales Large Gold/92
    Cet exhibit présente les deux types de marques postales utilisées pour ces 11 premiers bureaux de poste de la région, soit la marque rectiligne et la marque du petit cercle interrompu de 1829. Chaque marque comprend aussi les variations de couleurs d'encres trouvées dans les collections privées. Cette présentation se veut COMPLETE pour ces oblitérations et les couleurs d'encres.
This exhibit presents the two first types of hand stamp postmarks used for the first 11 post offices opened in the Eastern Townships, namely the straight line postmarks and the first broken circle type of 1829. Each cancel also shows the ink color variations when they exist in private collections.
Postal History 63 Postal Uses of Italian Social Republic 3 Lire Destroyed Monuments Stamp Gold/88
    Illustrating postal uses of the 3 Lire denomination of the Italian Social Republic. Examples from the during the initial validity period, as well as extended validity are shown. An out of validity commercial use is also included.
Postal Stationery 64 Queen Elizabeth II Aerogrammes of British Guiana Vermeil/77
    This exhibit comprises the four Queen Elizabeth II aerogrammes bearing the 6c and 12c postage stamp designs as indicia produced for British Guiana, and examples of their use, plus a die proof and production errors.
Display / Cinderella 65 The Scottish Women's Hospital Royaumont 1914-1918 Large Gold/90
    A study of a unique hospital at Abbaye de Royaumont in France, near the Western Front, during the First World War. It was equipped, administered, and staffed by women volunteers including surgeons, nurses, orderlies, and ambulance drivers. The exhibit incorporates a variety of philatelic and non-philatelic material.

Note: Exhibits from this point on are not juried.

Class Entry # Title  
Traditional Philately 67 The halfpenny 'bantams' of South Australia  
    South Australia's 1881 decision to charge postage on newspapers led to the issue in 1883 of Australia's smallest ever postage stamp, the halfpenny brown 'bantam'. The exhibit illustrates the many shades, perforation varieties, official overprints and errors occurring over its sixteen years lifespan, with numerous large mint blocks and covers for both normal and official issues.
Traditional Philately 68 The $1 Centennial Definitive Of Canada, The Stamp and Its Usages  
    An exhibit of the Centennial $1 stamp, showing the various paper fluorescences, gums, varieties, along with usages on mail, parcels and different post office receipts.
Postal History 69 Canada Two Ring Numeral Cancels From The Maritime Post Offices  
    This exhibit illustrates the two-ring numeral obliterator through its entire known period of use in the Maritime Provinces. It includes issues from both the Large and Small Queen periods.
Postal History 70 Railway Post Office Markings Used On the Northern Railway System  
    This exhibit shows postmarks used by the Railway Post Office (R.P.O.) on routes served by railways that made up the Northern Railway System including Ontario's first steam Railway the Ontario, Simcoe & Huron Railway.
Postal History 72 Cartwheel Cancellation  
    Features history and examples on cover of this marking. 18 covers during it's period of use, 1859 to 1870, and 4 covers of the reproduction of 1945.
Thematic 73 The Incas Chessers  
    This collection tells a story that tells how the last two Incas that Peru had learned to play chess and this cost them their lives.
Traditional Philately 80 The KLCs, Kyiv's Souvenir Sheet, and Usage for Both, 1992-1995  
    This exhibit shows the commissioned and issued Kyiv, Lviv, and Chernihiv surcharge stamps, known as the KLCs, the Kyiv souvenir sheet of stamps and patriotic labels that was also commissioned and issued, and their use. These were the first of Ukraine's own self-made post-USSR 1990s surcharges. They were integral to basic postal change once the nation emerged from the USSR.
Display / Cinderella 82 Universal Classic Monsters  
    This display exhibit shows the history of the Universal Classic Monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Phantom of the Opera, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.