List of Exhibits
1Canada; The 1972-1977 Definitive Issue (Caricatures & Landscapes)
7Christmas: The Birth of Jesus - Promise, Prophecy, Fulfillment
10Basutoland - Postage Dues
11The Great Canadian Postal Stationery Advertising Card Series
16The Great Halifax Explosion of 1917
21Those Irish Gerls
29First Day Covers of the US Overrun Countries Stamps of 1943-44
31The Squared Circle Postmarks of New Brunswick
32UK Taxe Marks and Their Offices of Use in the Centimes Era
37The Railway Post Office Operating on Routes Bewteen Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia
401934 Canada First Day Covers of the Jacques Cartier Issue
41Canadian Pioneer Airmails
42Development of Chinese Imperial PO 1897-99, Transformation From Customs PO
51Expansion of the Post Office in Toronto, 1880 to 1899
52BLOOD: A Modern Medicine
57Postal's - Through the Lens of Paul Yates
60The Krieghoff "The Blacksmith Shop" Stamp
61The Western District of Upper Canada: The Development of Postal Communications and Postal Markings, 1800-1850
66Royal Visit to Canada 1951
71The Canadian Fiscal War Tax Stamps of World War One
76United Nations Postal Cards 1952-1982
81Mail From Canada To Overseas Destinations 1937-1942
87The Postal History of the Artifacts Definitives
91Canadian Errors and Varieties During the Elizabethian Era
97Squared Circle Cancels of Canada in the Admiral Period (1912-1927)
100The Enchanted Owl Centennial of the Northwest Territories
101Basutoland - King's GV & GVI and 1935 Silver Jubilee
105The Two Ring Numeral Cancels of Canada
111Advertising Mail of St. John, N.B. Businesses, Victorian Period 1857-1903
116Ceremonial Military Parades: The Face of Nationalism
119Used In Basutoland - Rates and Cancels 1876-1933
121Postage Delayed by Fire, Crash, or Accident
122Basutoland - Queen Elizabeth II Definitive Issues 1954-1966
126The ABC Murders
131Organization of the Stamps of Patricia Airways and Exploration Ltd 1926-27
132Basutoland - Lesotho
133Basutoland - Philatelic Mail
137Basutoland - Postal Stationery 1933-1966
141Revenue Documents of Basutoland 1923 to 1963
143Basutoland - King George VI Commemorative Issues
144Basutoland - Queen Elizabeth II Commemoratives