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Class Entry # Title Frames
Single Frame *** Not Received 101 The 1910 Visit of Halley's Comet. 1
    The 1910 visit of Halley's Comet was billed as the end of the world with scientists and others predicting a possible collision with Earth and cyanide in the comet's tail extinguishing all life forms on Earth.

This exhibit explores comets and how the people dealt with this forecast.
Single Frame *** Not Received 102 Forward Mail to Japanese POWs 1914-1920 1
    This is a one frame exhibit telling the story of mail that was forwarded to prisoners of war in the Japanese POW camps during World War I.
Single Frame *** Not Received 103 PEGASUS: Rockets Launched from Airplanes 1
    PEGASUS is the first air-to-launch rocket developed by a private company. Pegasus is a three-stage rocket launched in flight from an airplane.

The exhibit collects all Pegasus rocket versions launched from 1991-2019 (last launch at the moment) via astrophilatelic material (space covers cancelled on exact date and place where airplane took-off, considered launch point).
Youth Class *** Not Received 104 World's Largest Human Gathering - KUMBH 3
    Kumbh Mela at Allahabad/Prayag/Prayagraj is largest the human gathering in the world and the most pious place for Hindus. It is different from those held at Haridwar, Nasik and Ujjain. At a given time, the Sangam area is made a separate city to accommodate such a huge mass of pilgrims. The place was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2019. It is a land of wonders, land of most bridges in the world, during the event. And also the land of World's First Airmail (1911).
Single Frame *** Not Received 105 Mt. Fuji - A Japanese Icon 1
    A study of the extent to which Mt. Fuji is a part of the Japanese identity.