Floor Plan of the Venue
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Table # Dealer Name Specialty
1-2 Trajan Publishing, St. Catharines, ON Canadian Stamp News, Supplies
3 Dave Burwell, Sarnia, ON BNA, Canada
4 Armstrong's Stamps, Bright's Grove, ON BNA, Canada, Covers, Supplies
5 Canadian-Stamps, Cantley, QC Canada
6-7 Frank Hoyles, Blenheim, ON BNA, Canada, Post Cards, Postal History, Worldwide
8 Brian Cutler, Windsor, ON BNA, Canada, Collections, Covers, Worldwide
9 E.S.J. van Dam Ltd., Bridgenorth, ON Revenues, Duck Stamps, Semi-Official Airmails, Canada Revenue Stamp Catalogue
10 Nigel Mackey, Peterborough, ON BNA, Canada, Worldwide
11 Medallion Stamps, Burlington, ON Canada, United States
12 John B. Beaman, Chatham, ON BNA, Canada, Covers, Post Cards, Western Europe
13 Hugh Anderson, Oakville, ON Worldwide, Supplies
14 Taylor Stamps, Brampton, ON BNA, Canada, British Commonwealth
16-17 Roy's Stamps, St. Catharines, ON BNA, Canada, British Commonwealth, Covers, Collections, Post Cards
18-19A Hugo Deshaye (Philatelist) Ltd., Quebec City, QC BNA, Canada, Postal History, Post Cards
19B-20 Canada Stamp Finder, Brampton, ON BNA, Canada
22 G & B Stamps, Dorchester, ON British Commonwealth, Worldwide
29 R. Maresch & Son Auctions, Aurora, ON Auctions, BNA, Canada, Collections, Postal History, Worldwide