List of Exhibits
1National Stamp Club Challenge
2National Stamp Club Challenge
3National Stamp Club Challenge
4National Stamp Club Challenge
5National Stamp Club Challenge
6-10Earth Science
11Duplex Hammers Used at St. John, NB 1868, 1880-1902
12-21The Postal Rates of the Admiral Era (1912-1928)
22Canadian Dispatch Clipper Mail 1935-1941
23-25Canada 1988-91 Wildlife Series Medium Value Mammals
26-30Chefoo/Yantai, China, Picture Postcards 1898-1911
31-32Getting Out the Vote - Politics and the Postal System
33Detained in Hong Kong and The Ones That Got Away
34-41British Underpaid Intercontinental Air Mail to WWII
42St. Pierre et Miquelon, Les Cachets *PP* De 1926
43-47Blood: A Modern Medicine
48-49Revenue Documents of Basutoland 1923 to 1963
50-52Peace Tower Issue: 1977-1982
53-53Xtreme Delay Due to Xtraordinary Circumstances - a British Postal History Contribution to the Popular Xtreme Sports
54Stille Nacht, Heilge Nacht/Silent Night, Holy Night
55-62Great Britain Used In Ireland 1840-1901
63-64Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The Life of Edward Wood, Jr.
65-68Ontario Law Stamps 1864-1940
69-72Man And Microbes
73Spain: The Rueuda de Carreta (Cartwheel) Cancellation
74Canada Two-ring Numeral Cancels From The Maritime Post Offices
75-84The Centennial Definitives of Canada, 1967 to 1974
85Canada's Non-denominated "A" Stamp
86-93Wei Hai Wei, China, 1896-1949
94A Soldiers Postcards Mailed From The Somme & Flanders WWI May 1915 to April 1916
97-102Canada Map Stamp of 1898 - A Plating Study
103-104The Postal History of the Street Scenes Stamp Series
105Epic of Vimy - A Canadian Pilgrammage 1936
106-111Canadian Bulk Permit Postage 1903-1938
112-114Hockey In Canada - Used
115-119Occupied Government Stamps of Post-War Europe: Allied and Soviet Issues
120-123Railway Post Office Markings
124Postal History of Yukon Airways and Exploration Company