CANpex 2021 Jury Members

Jane Sodero's Philatelic CV

Jane Sodero started collecting stamps in second grade and quickly developed an interest in postal history as well as postcards. Accredited as a National Level Judge in both the Canada and the United States since 2008, Jane exhibits Guysborough County, Nova Scotia postal history and Nova Scotia postcards as well as the 1955 Kayak stamp. She also collects Slania and Mörck designed stamps, the Vimy Memorial issue from France and items related to Michelin.

She is a member of RPSC, PHSC, APS, AAPE, the Nova Scotia Stamp Club and BNAPS among other specialty groups. She has reviewed exhibits as part of the AAPE Exhibit critique service and has recently taken on the role of Regional Vice President for the US Philatelic Classics Society.

Norma Nielson's Philatelic CV

Collecting interest. General collector of US and Canada; diverse interests

Judging. Accredited in 2018 as a national-level judge in both Canada and USA.

Exhibiting. Gold Medal National Level Exhibitor; Regional Show Grand Award winner. Norma's primary exhibit, "The Story of Lloyd's: From Coffee to Commerce," was first shown in 2005. This display class exhibit grew to five frames and proceeded up the medal levels to receive its first Gold Medal at the Royal in 2007. It has been recognized as the top thematic exhibit on several occasions, including receipt of the Jerry Husak Award at StampShow 2007 in Portland, Oregon. It also has received the AAPE Creativity award on three occasions and received the Reserve Grand at the National Topical Stamp Show in 2009. It contains several significant items of Canadian philatelic interest, including: 1897 cover bearing largest recorded multiple of 5c small queens to the UK In prize court document for the Oregon Plate proof of Canada #65 (one of 800) block of Newfoundland plate proofs A second exhibit, "The Chagall Window - A Study of the Issue" has received a gold medal at the regional CALTAPEX show in 2013 as well as the James R. Taylor Award for the best multi-frame exhibit by a member of the Calgary Philatelic Society. Its highest award at a WSP show was a vermeil at UNEXPO 2017. Her newest exhibit, "Travels of Fabergé's Imperial Easter Eggs," is her first effort with postcards.

Philatelic Service Calgary Philatelic Society. Member, Board of Directors of, 2008-2012; Treasurer, 2012-2018. Assisted president of the American Topical Association with a project to review DVDs.

Philatelic Publication and Editing Norma presented a summary of her Lloyd's exhibit for Topical Times after winning the Reserve Grand Award at the National Topical Stamp Show (2009). She also published its story in WE Think (2009). Her research on the 5c small queens cover addressed to 55 individuals at Lloyd"s appeared as an interesting story in the Canadian Philatelist (2010). An article entitled "Using Genealogy Resources for Philatelic Research" appeared in November 2012 in the American Philatelist.

Presentations Presenter at Calgary Philatelic society monthly meetings on five separate occasions. Organized and presented seminars and other activities at the Glenbow Museum (Calgary) and CALTAPEX.

Memberships Member of Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, American Topical Association, Greater Eugene (OR) Stamp Society, Ships on Stamps study circle, and Women Exhibitors.

Kathryn Johnson's Philatelic CV

Kathryn Johnson comes to judge for us from Chicago. She is an accredited APS Judge and on the CANEJ Board. She is a former Director at Large for the APS, and recently the APS Treasurer. Her specialty collecting interest is Ceylon, and she exhibits Ceylon, Mauritius, V-Mail and Airgraphs, Honduras, First Day Covers, Galena, IL, Canada and Scotland. She is a member of the APS, Royal Philatelic Society of London, the Collectors Club of Chicago, AAPE and a number of other collecting organization.

David Piercey's Philatelic CV

David Piercey is a Canadian national level exhibitor and judge, and former Chair of the RPSC Judging and Exhibiting Program in Canada. He has previously revised the EFF to align to the point scoring system of the APS's new Manual of Philatelic Judging and Exhibiting (seventh edition 2016). He was elected a Fellow of the Society in 2010, and served on its Board of Directors 2008-2016, during which he developed guidelines for the accreditation of new National shows.

An author, he writes the column "Let's Talk Exhibiting" for The Canadian Philatelist and the column "the Philatelic Bookshelf" for Canadian Stamp News. He has several recent award-winning research articles on Newfoundland postal history in BNA Topics, The PHSC Journal, Maple Leaves, and The Canadian Philatelist. He judges regularly at national level shows throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest, and has judged at the APS StampShow twice.

Robert Pinet's Philatelic CV

Robert Pinet has been an accredited National-level judge since 2018.

His exhibit, Victorian Montreal: Hub of the Dominion (Illustrated Mail, 1844-1903), won Gold at BNAPS 2011, BNAPS 2013 and at ORAPEX 2013, and was published as BNAPS Exhibit Series No. 79 in November 2014.

His current philatelic interests include the Hradcany issue of Czechoslovakia, 1906 Austrian postal cards celebrating the 60th anniversary of the ascension of Emperor Franz Joseph, 1896 Hungarian Millenium postal cards, and the "cinderellas" of TransCamster Bog.

His articles, on refugee camp mail and Montreal illustrated mail have appeared in the GTAPA PhilaJournal, BNAPS Illustrated Mail Newsletter, PHSC Journal, and Bulletin d'histoire postale et de marcophilie of the Société d'Histoire Postale du Québec.

Dr. Pinet is now serving his third term as a Director of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

Sam Chiu's Philatelic CV

Sam Chiu started collecting stamps in childhood. His interests are China and Hong Kong postal history plus various themes. An avid exhibitor, Sam's many exhibits have received 31 Large Golds and 45 Gold medals in national or international exhibitions. He has achieved multiple national-level gold medals in 7 different sub-classes. He is the only Canadian to win the AAPE Sapphire Award and 1 of 2 Canadians to win the AAPE Diamond Award.

He is an accredited judge with the RPSC and a Jury Fellow at FIP. He was jury chair for The Royal/Royale shows in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Sam served on Canada Post's Stamp Advisory Committee from 2006 to 2012. Sam has a PhD in International Management from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. He was elected a Fellow of The RPSC in 2010 and has been Vice President since September 2017. He is also a Fellow of RPS London.

Currently he is the editor of Journal of Chinese Philately for the China Philatelic Society of London.