List of Exhibits
1-4Paris Diamonds & Stars, 1849-1876
5-8Christmas: The Birth of Christ; Promise, Prophecy, Fulfillment
9-10Franco's Spain 1936-1939
11The Orange Tree
12-19Moldova - My Homeland
20Nasty Wars of the 2nd Half of the 20th Century - Undeliverable UK Mail
21-30Pioneer Flights, Semi-Official Air Post, and Air Mail Development in Canada, 1918-1934
31Liberia: 19th Century Postal Stationery
32Victoria's TPO System - The Early Years
33-37Peru - The Lecoq Issues 1862-1873
38-42Doctor Who: A History in Stamps
43-47The Pneumatic Post of Vienna - The Empire Period (1875-1918)
48-52R.M.S. Empress of Ireland 1906-1914
53Grammy I Remember
54-61Great Britain King George V Commemorative Stamp Issues
62Symbols Add Meaning to Century Old Easter Post Cards
63-70Give Wings To Your Mail
73-77World War I - Messages Home in Silk
78Northern Territory of Australia, The Squared Circle Cancellations, 1881-1913
79-83The New Republic and Stellaland
84Postal History of Bayfield, ON
85-92Canada Small Queens 1870-1897
93China Clipper Aircraft Air Mails
94Postal Usage of the Australia 1978 Trees Issue
95-100The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
101-105The Returned Letter Offices of the United Kingdom - The Exclusively Metropolitan Office Era: 1811-1873
106-109Post Cards & Envelopes With Views of Lontario, Ontario; Now & Then
110-116Canadian Errors and Varieties During The Elizabethan Era
117-120Milestones in the Evolution of the Canadian Christmas Seal
121-125The ABC Murders
126The Enchanted Owl Centennial of the Northwest Territories
COHCourt of Honour
127-130Western Fair Philatelic History